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About ME: Hi! my name is Naomi, 24 years old from Alexandria: My favorite movie "Tezaab – The Acid of Love" and favorite book about sex "Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus". I love the taste of cum. I`m good at cooking and I often arrange meetings with people close to me and cook something interesting for them. I want it from a man - Sex without roommates barging inside. I write my own ones when I have an inspiration. I'm sexy kitty, the neighbor you wish you had. Sex symbol of all time in my opinion is Frank Sinatra! I am a horny lady looking to have a lot of fun on here.

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DESCRIPTION: If you're new here, you may want to get my discreet newsletter to learn how to make him sexually obsessed with you and only you. Click here to get it. You are about to learn 31 profoundly satisfying blow job techniques that will leave your man in a state of orgasmic bliss.

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Please your man with your mouth and more

sex. A blow job is more like a PERFECT gift With these five tips you can learn how to Giving oral sex to your lover is an act of erotic generosity. To make sure your man is sexually satisfied, learn how to love going down. Do you want to treat your man to the best blowjob he's ever had? Try these expert oral sex tips tonight and give him a BJ he won't forget!. Subscribe to News Notice. Age- restricted video (based on Community Guidelines). Category.

Oral Sex Tips to Improve your Marriage - Looking For Hookups!

If you're new here, you may want to get my discreet newsletter to learn how to make him sexually obsessed with you and only you. Click here to get it. You are about to learn 31 profoundly satisfying blow job techniques that will leave your man in a state of orgasmic bliss. In addition to reading the guide below, Oral sex tips for my husband strongly encourage you to listen to this podcast I recorded that will teach you exactly how to give your man the perfect blow job.

Listen to more Bad Girls Bible podcast episodes Oral sex tips for my husband. While this tutorial video is quite distressing, it will teach you how to make your man scream with pleasure and become sexually addicted to you. Licking his penis is a powerful blow job technique for beginning your blow job. It serves as a sort of oral sex foreplay that will build sexual tension and have him begging you to take him in your mouth…which is exactly what you want.

Licking his cock is super easy. Try focusing of licking the tip of his penis the glans using the least amount of pressure possible. Many guys report this being their absolute favorite blow job technique. You can even try doing this for your entire blow job until he comes. More on this here. The Topside of Oral sex tips for my husband Tongue — The top side of your tongue provides the most stimulation thanks to your taste buds.

So focus on using this side when licking him. You can simply lick them, but I describe many other ways to stimulate his balls for maximum pleasure here. My most powerful sex tricks and tips aren't on this site.

If you want to access them and give your man back-arching, toe-curling, screaming orgasms that will keep him sexually obsessed with you, then you can learn these secret sex techniques in my private and discreet newsletter. You'll also learn the 5 dangerous mistakes that will ruin your sex Oral sex tips for my husband and relationship. Anilingus — There are two other excellent locations besides his penis and balls that can massively add to his pleasure and make him see you as an oral sex goddess even if they are not strictly part of a regular BJ.

His perineum or perineal raphe, the rough patch of skin located just behind his balls as well as his anus contain a lot of nerve endings [ 3 ]. Tonguing these areas, up and down or in a circular motion is an awesome Oral sex tips for my husband to stimulate them.

This technique is called anilingus, and you can find out more about it here. So try to produce as much saliva as possible. If you are having trouble producing enough, then you may want to try using a good edible lube as well. The female equivalent is the clitoris. So focusing your attention on the tip of his penis is going to work well to push him over the edge in the most intense and pleasurable way possible.

Kissing his penis and balls is easy, just think back to how you kiss him normally on the lips …. Check it out here to learn how.

The Twister — Using your tongue and lots of saliva, you can perform a ultra-pleasurable and satisfying blow job technique I like to call the Twister. While holding his penis steady in one or both hands, start making a slow circular motion with your tongue around the top of his penis. You can alternate direction and speed to add some variety, but this blissful blow job technique alone is enough to give him a thrilling blow job Oral sex tips for my husband start to finish.

Deep Throat — Deep throating your man, is more advanced blow job technique, but when done right, it can deeply gratify and sexually satisfy your man. This extra pleasure is thanks to the back of your throat. As you take him deep into your mouth, eventually your tonsils and the back of your throat will come into contact with the tip of his penis.

Oral sex tips for my husband slight spasming of your throat thanks to your gag reflex will make it more enjoyable and stimulating for your man, along with the fact that the rest of your mouth and tongue will be stimulating the shaft of his dick.

You can learn more about deep throating your man here in Chapter 7 of the Blow Job Guide. Slip Inside — A less advanced fellatio technique that is almost as effective at providing him with intense delight and stimulation as deep throating him is using the inside of your mouth.

However, using them is a great way to give your mouth Oral sex tips for my husband jaw a break. With plenty of saliva or lube, try gently running your fingers over and back the top of his penis and listen as he uncontrollably groans in pleasure. You can learn more handjob techniques to give your man from the in-depth Hand Job Guide here. Almost all guys fantasize about getting a blow job, Mastering this first is a smart way to get comfortable giving your boyfriend a blow job before progressing to more advanced techniques and tactics for giving him oral pleasure like sucking him tips on sucking him here.

Next, you are simply going to bob your head up and down, taking his penis in and out of your mouth. Bobbing your head up and down is super simple to start with, especially if you just concentrate on the top inch or two of his penis.

As you get comfortable with this, try taking him deeper and deeper with each stroke so that you can stimulate more and more of his penis. Taking him deeper and deeper into your mouth runs the risk of triggering your gag reflex[ 5 ]. Try not to worry about this. Then you are going suck on it gently.

Sucking on it will Oral sex tips for my husband your lips and the inside of you mouth to press Oral sex tips for my husband against his shaft and the head of his cock, stimulating the length of it. While doing this, you can take his penis in and out of your mouth, allowing you to pleasure it entirely.

While sucking him, you can add some variation by using your tongue to massage his penis too. Using the same techniques over and over can eventually become boring for your man and you! Some women think that to vary things, they need an endless list of blow job techniques and different things they can do with their mouth or tongue or lips to provide different sensations to their man. There are much simpler ways to spice up your blow job routine. Awesome Sauce is just using something like maple syrup or warm chocolate syrup, cream, champagne, ice cream or even ice cubes in your mouth while you go about your regular blow job routine.

Champagne — There is something intensely sexy about champagne, especially when you use it during a BJ. The next time you and your man have some alone time, try slipping into some lingerie and popping open a bottle of champagne. Next have a little sip and with the champagne in your mouth, take your man in your mouth and start performing fellatio on him. There is something about the entire act of giving your man a champagne blow job and making him Oral sex tips for my husband that is super arousing and sexy.

The added benefit of having champagne or ice cream or anything tasty in your mouth, is that it drowns out the taste of his sperm and semen when he does ejaculate. Perfect if you can stand how he tastes. To Oral sex tips for my husband the champagne flowing out of your mouth, make sure you are below your man when giving him head, so being on your knees while he is standing works well here.

Using your hands is a powerful blow job technique while giving your man oral sex. In fact, you can give your guy way more pleasure and enjoyment by using your hands on his penis Oral sex tips for my husband balls during your blow job.

Simply take the first inch or two of his penis into your mouth and then wrap one hand around his shaft. While using a Oral sex tips for my husband technique like the Suck On This technique I described in Chapter 2you can also run Oral sex tips for my husband hand up and down his shaft at the same time, giving him a handjob. Allowing your hands to take over while you give your mouth a rest means that your man gets to receive unbroken pleasure.

So when you feel your mouth becoming tired, grab hold of his penis and start jerking him off for a minute or Oral sex tips for my husband. Then when your mouth is rested, you can go back to giving him a oral sex.

Work His Balls — Another great hand job technique you can incorporate into your blow job is working his testicles or balls. There are so many different things that you can do to his testicles with your hands while giving him a blow job, from fondling to caressing to tickling to massaging them.

Try experimenting to see what your man enjoys the most. Whatever you can do to his penis with your mouth, you can do to his balls. Kiss His Balls — An easy way to see if your man enjoys you playing with his balls is to start by gently kissing them. Just purse your lips together and give them a few soft, wet kisses. Lick His Balls — Once you can see how much he enjoys you kissing his balls, take it up a notch by gently licking and massaging them with your tongue.

Keeping your tongue flat so that it covers as much of his testicles as possible is best. Edible lubricant works great here Oral sex tips for my husband. So you can kiss them, lick them and even suck them. A powerful technique is gently Oral sex tips for my husband one of his balls into your mouth and then softly lick and suck on it.

Oral sex tips for my husband eye contact with your man while giving him head can be super intimate Oral sex tips for my husband intense and even a bit submissive.

The key to doing it right is understanding two caveats…. To prevent this, just tone down the amount of eye contact you are making or just look at him for seconds at a time. You can immediately break the sexual tension and kill the atmosphere if you are trying awkwardly to maintain eye contact with your man during a blow job.

So if you notice that your boyfriend always breaks Oral sex tips for my husband contact with you or gets uncomfortable whenever you try to make eye contact with him during oral sex or even during regular sex for that matterthen just forget about using this technique. You know that beautiful agony you feel as you build up to cumming at a snails pace, and then your man backs off a bit…then he again starts building you up even closer to orgasm?

You wish it would come faster, but the entire slow, drawn out process is still incredibly enjoyable. More importantly, all that build up makes your orgasm far more intensely when you do eventually climax.

The next time you are giving your Oral sex tips for my husband a blow job, try backing off a bit and spend a minute or two doing something else entirely like:. Then after a few minutes, return to giving him a blow job. This variation is Oral sex tips for my husband for spicing up your normal routine…but it also has the effect of intensifying his orgasm when he eventually peaks and climaxes.

Chapter 4 covers everything you need to know to have him shaking with satisfaction as he ejaculates. Of course, if you want to learn how to start off your blow job the right way, then you may want to check out Chapter 1 and 2 first. I put together this in-depth, step-by-step instructional video that will teach you how to make your man sexually addicted to you and only you. It contains a number of oral sex techniques that will give your man full-body, shaking orgasms.

If you're interested in learning these techniques to keep your man addicted and deeply devoted to you as well as having a lot more fun in the bedroom, then you may want to check out the video. You can watch it by clicking here. Lol OMG I feel the same way!

Ladies okay, men too let's get real. You be inadequate to learn how to please your man with your mouth. Different men like different things, and there are a assortment of techniques and positions that will both cheer him and make it comfortable for you. If this is your initial time, make sure that you are aware of any possible sexually transmitted diseases that your gentleman may have. You can use a condom while performing oral, although men and women mostly opt out of this selection.

The main thing to keep in mind is yes, you are abroad to excite your gentleman's gentleman, but keep your reassure in mind as affectionately. Oral should be impartial as pleasurable for you as it is in regard to your man.

If you are serious about wisdom to please your shush or boyfriend, use these 20 tips and tricks to get the waste job done right! Since we are getting pressing here, we are flourishing to work anatomically, versus chronologically. Since these tips are designed to support you get your boyfriend or husband to ascend, it is important to understand how each branch of your body affects the process. Some of these tips are ethical pure common sense, but they are all important!

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Any positive thoughts on finding love again? We have got you covered with these exciting tips that will make your man go crazy about you! Home Sex 5 Amazing Tips to give Oral pleasure to your man!. When it comes to performing oral sex, it can be as helpful knowing what not to do as what My advice: get him to show you how he does it. 2. . Many guys ( though not all guys) love having their little man-rosebud toyed with..

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31 Blow Job Techniques To Make Him Scream With Pleasure!


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About ME: I am fun, safe and tend to be on the submissive side. I'm looking for raw passionate sex. No expectations, just conversation, entertainment and let's see how things go. I am a young girl for a finite period of time seeking a romantic tryst with a successful older man. I am sweet and hot mature girl for you.

Want to give the best oral to please your husband or boyfriend? Use your hand and mouth to perform the best oral sex with these tips!. sex. A blow job is more like a PERFECT gift With these five tips you can learn how to Giving oral sex to your lover is an act of erotic generosity. To make sure your man is sexually satisfied, learn how to love going down. Do you want to treat your man to the best blowjob he's ever had? Try these expert oral sex tips tonight and give him a BJ he won't forget!.

My CIS gendered hetero-normative sex drive has been triggered! Pay attention to my wants! Get undressed!